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Stay healthy with our safe fitness programs.


Back pains and problems are often related to physical inactivity.The most recent researches indicated that specific exercises can fix most of these problems.After undergoing studies and research for a year and a half, the Algotech center provides you with more solutions for musculoskeletal pain.

New specific exercises classes are now available!


Classes are based on 4 development phases:

Phase 1: Chair exercises without flexion or rotation = not yet able to lie on a mat.
Phase 2: Floor exercises, without flexion or rotation.
Phase 3 : Introducing rotation, upper thoracic flexion and upper thoracic extension.
Phase 4: Improving endurance for daily activities.


• Annual subscription: 65$
• **Classes: 18$ per class or 160$ for 10 classes

**Client in physiotherapy or osteopathy at Algotech and urgent Physio, is automatically eligible for exercises classes without paying the annual subscription.

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