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Algotech centre – The solution for your pain

At Algotech Center, our mission is to help you understand, solve and prevent your
musculoskeletal pain. To do this, we are always improving our services through innovation and continuous research.

Since 1993 Algotech Centers serve the community by providing high quality services. The experience gained during these years allowed us, in 2016, to open the largest multidisciplinary center in Montreal!

Everything is at your service at Algotech centre

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25 years of experience

Here's a little story about our company...
March 1993


Algotech Center opens its doors. Raymond Tohme, physiotherapist, wants to offer his experience acquired in France, Lebanon and Canada, and develop new methods to provide clients with high quality treatments.

December 1995

We are moving

We are moving already! Algotech acquired an excellent reputation and is quickly running out of space. Raymond Tohme graduates in osteopathy and a new approach is integrated into the center for a more comprehensive assessment.

March 1998

New protocols

New protocols established by Raymond Tohme continue to improve the quality of treatments offered at Algotech center. The integration of occupational therapists and acupuncturists gives clients even more solutions to their pain.

june 2005

Better location

Algotech Center is still growing and still needs to move. The development of treatments and a more personal approach for each client, concretize the good reputation of the clinic which has become multidisciplinary. Raymond Tohme begins research to create a pain clinic and discover other areas to upgrade.

November 2008

Algotech adds doctors, orthotics and prosthetics

Algotech adds doctors, orthotics and prosthetics to its practice so that client can treat his problem in one place.

October 2016

The big move

The beginning of the big move! To provide more space and even more solutions, The Algotech Center opens a large Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Research Center at 3232 Belanger. In addition, with the corporation of Dr. Patrick Benhaim, the new pain clinic opens its doors a year later. The addition of other disciplines such as psychology and kinesiology, always improves the treatments offered to clients.

March 2018

Multiple programs

Research over the past 2 years has allowed us to develop new multi-disciplinary programs and specific exercise classes for clients.