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To take good care of our customers, we must also be able to give the necessary help and advice when it comes to choosing medical equipment that is useful for a correct and rapid recovery.


The procedure for making custom orthotics starts with meeting an orthotist.
The orthotist studies your case and takes specific measurements. In a laboratory, he makes the orthosis from the requested materials. In this process, the orthotist's experience and know-how make the difference because even an error of 1 cm can make the orthosis useless. Of course there may be adjustments to make after the first try.


The cost for custom made orthoses can be expensive. It is for this reason that they are used only when manufactured products do not work. In Quebec, we have medical assistance (RAMQ) or CNESST / SAAQ who can offer assistance with the full payment of the orthosis, but with certain requests.

For the RAMQ to pay, it is necessary to have a reference (prescription) from a medical specialist such as an orthopedist, Physiatrist or rheumatologist. From there, the Orthotist makes a request to be sure that you qualify.

For CNESST or SAAQ, the request can be made with a general practitioner.

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The costs are much lower when a pre-manufactured orthosis can do the trick.
There is still a choice to make between the brands. Basically, everything depends on the duration of use of the orthosis. If it is a long recovery then you should use more comfortable orthotics like M-brace otherwise Formedica is a good alternative at a good price.

* Pre-manufactured orthoses can also be paid by CNESST and SAAQ directly.

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