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Put all the odds in your favor! Highest aye of success for a complete rehabilitation.


A functional capacity assessment is used to assess the readaptation level of a client. Often requested by the CSST, the SAAQ or by private insurance, the evaluation gives an idea of what the client is able to do in physical fitness term, mobility and neurologically and then determine the temporary restrictions of the client.

Then a development of capacities is organized to rehabilitate the client. For this purpose a multidisciplinary team is used. At the Algotech center, this team consists of a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a kinesiologist, a psychologist and an acupuncturist all supervised by a physiatrist (a specialist in rehabilitation medicine).

To be able to offer this service, the entire multidisciplinary team has received continuous training and specific equipment to meet the needs of the client.

The role of the occupational therapist involves follow-up with clients who have had accidents leading to various occupational injuries (eg sprains, tears, fractures, etc.). The follow-up includes assessments of the worker's physical abilities and, if necessary, the workstation, in order to put in place a plan of intervention centered on the needs of the worker. A promotion of cognitive performance and emotional / emotional dimension will be considered in order to promote a satisfactory return to work for the client.

• Assessment of the functional abilities of the worker.
• Assessment of the workstation following a direct visit to the workplace.
• Collaboration with different actors (paying agents, employer) with a view to protecting workers' rights and optimizing working conditions according to the worker's abilities.

Establishment of various means of intervention targeting the person, occupation and his work environment:

• Improved physical capabilities of the client by simulating clinical work tasks.
• Promote cognitive and emotional well-being.
• Adaptation of the physical environment of the work (ex: ergonomic chair and desk according to the needs of the worker) and adaptation of the work tasks (ex: light work, learning of strategies of protection of the articulations, conservation of energy and postural hygiene) to promote comfort and safety.

The occupational therapist also promotes participation in outdoor activities. It can therefore facilitate the external movement of people with impairments limiting their endurance to external travel. For this purpose, the occupational therapist carries out evaluations in order to obtain aids in the event of reduced mobility:

• Adapted transportation.
• Parking ticket in the reserved places.


Conventional physiotherapy has a success rate of 36%, or 1 out of 3 persons who recovers from his or her musculoskeletal problem. However, a multidisciplinary program increases the success rate to 67% or 2 out of 3 persons**. Until today, the success rate of the Multi + program is 80% or 4 out of 5 persons. Besides, the total cost of the Multi + program is three times cheaper than conventional physiotherapy on average.

*source :Okifuji AA, Turk DC, Kalauokalani D. Clinical outcomes and economic evaluation of the Multidisciplinary Pain Centers. In: Block A, Kremer EE, Fernandez E, editors.Handbook of Pain Syndromes.Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers; 1999.


A complete support for each musculoskeletal problem.

Phase 1: The first phase consists of an evaluation and treatment by the osteopath as well as the physiotherapist to address the pain problem.

Phase 2: The second phase consists of a reinforcement exercise program prescribed by the physiotherapist and the kinesiologist to reduce pain and improve the patient’s physical condition.

Phase 3: Finally, the third phase consists of consultation with the occupational therapist to establish a preventive and postural education program.


Over 2-3 weeks, including:

• 2 treatments in osteopathy
• 3 treatments in physiotherapy
• 3 sessions in kinesiology
• 1 session in occupational therapy
• Full gym access

Price is only 380$ for the complete program!

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